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Daily Chassis Cab

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DAILY 4X4 high performance Trucks

The DAILY 4X4 joins Iveco’s impressive product line-up. Iveco is the only manufacturer in the world to offer a complete range of all-wheel drive vehicles, up to 8×8 for quarries and work sites).

The DAILY tackles any type of trip and mission in an ecological and economic way – with 150 HP power, a gross vehicle weight of 5.5 t and a towing capacity of up to 3.5 t.

Thanks to its design, the DAILY 4X4 guarantees the performance of a true off-road vehicle:

Departure angle 51°,

Approach angle 31° for the short and 27° for the long wheelbases,

Departure angle (with rear bar raised) 42° short and 36° long wheelbases

Fording depth up to 700 mm

The vehicle can be equipped with 3 types of power take-offs for operation of ancillary equipment through hydraulic pumps.

The CAN-Bus architecture with “expansion module” allows the electric/electronic system of the vehicle to interface with the systems on the ancillary equipment: all via a standard plug and play connection.

DAILY 4X4 offers the best combination of payload and off-road performance in the light truck category and guarantees mobility on any route, in any climate, and with any road surface condition.

This product is the result of a rigorous off-road set up:

Truck-derived chassis (side-members in special steel with a 5 mm thick C section) which makes it suitable for difficult missions with specific customizations such as snow ploughs and cranes,

Permanent all-wheel drive transmission with three available differential locks (front, rear, central),24 forward gear ratios and 4 reverse overall with the possibility of selecting the first synchronized reduction (half speed) with the vehicle in motion, Parabolic suspension with live front axle.

Cinque Terre

DAILY 4X4 with short, Long and Crew Cab

Designed to satisfy the specific requirements of off-road missions, the DAILY 4X4 can be utilized in construction and infrastructure maintenance work sites or it can be used for special missions such as off-road service support vehicles, firefighting, emergency and civil protection vehicles

It is available in a wheelbase of 3,400mm for both single cab and as a crew cab (particularly useful for transportation of people and equipment).

5.5 t (maximum load 2,450 kg on the front axle and 3,700 kg on the rear axle)

Cinque Terre


Hydraulic system and ABS.

On uneven and steeply sloped routes the quality of the braking system is fundamental for safety

The braking system is hydraulic with a vacuum brake servo. The front disk brakes are combined with rear drum brakes; the parking brake works on the rear wheels.

In the most difficult braking situations and manoeuvres, ABS reduces braking distances and maintains the direction of the vehicle. On poor grip and irregular terrain, when it is necessary to select the differential lock, the ABS is automatically deactivated. The distribution of brake force is in any case guaranteed by the mechanical sensing valve.

The DAILY 4X4 features specific solutions for off-road use such as the under-run protection bar (retractable), the external footboards, the approaching mirror and special handles to assist entering and leaving the cab.

Cinque Terre


Comfortable, manageable, and pleasant to drive‚Äč

DAILY 4X4 is a powerful and versatile off-road vehicle which guarantees the same level of comfort as the New Daily on-road vehicle.

The dash-fitted gear lever permits car-like driving and does not obstruct movement inside the cab.

The switches for locking the differentials and the power take-off control are within easy reach of the driver. In addition to the numerous compartments and drawers, there are two DIN slots for the radio and tachograph (plus a third optional slot in the storage area above the windscreen).

The standard configuration provides a single seat (adjustable in three positions) for the driver and a single seat (adjustable in three positions) for the passengers with a dual bench seat as optional.

Cinque Terre


More than two million sales and still counting!

With sales in excess of two million units sold to date, DAILY has been confirmed as a major player in its category.

Efficient, versatile and reliable, it combines a truck-derived frame, to guarantee crush resistance and durability, with rear wheel drive to optimize vehicle performance even when fully loaded.

DAILY has been responsible for innovations that have changed professional transport – for example, direct injection turbo, Common Rail and ESP with Load Adaptive Control.  It is also ahead of its time for driving pleasure; it is comfortable and ergonomic, powerful and agile, flexible and safe, all making it the benchmark for light commercial vehicles.

DAILY is still evolving and marking the way forward.

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