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Iveco Stralis

Cinque Terre

Truck of the Year 2013

Think big.

The STRALIS is an outstanding solution for the present and future needs of the haulage business, and the only vehicle in its class to offer such a wide and integrated range of functions for optimizing costs.


The STRALIS is designed to live and work better:

A cabin unique in style, comfort and unsurpassed in offering revolutionary technology.

The system IVECONNECT.

The driving ergonomics, controls the seats, from beds to storage compartments, from materials and colors.

The lowest consumption in its class

Reliability and residual value increasing by the day.

A service ready and accessible.

Today the STRALIS HI-WAY offers the best cost of ownership over the life cycle of the vehicle.

Cinque Terre


Versatility and breadth of choice in its range of trucks.

The STRALIS is available in:

– 2 Versions (tractor and chassis-cab) with gross vehicle weight of 18 to 32 tons and gross combined weight of up to 44 tonnes.

– 3 Engines offering 5 power ratings of up to 500 HP.

– 3 Cabs : HI-STREET – day cab and standard roof for single-day work, HI-ROAD – sleeper cab with standard or high roof for medium-range work, HI-WAY – maximum width sleeper cab with standard or high roof for long-haul work.

– 2 or 3 axles with different configurations and a choice of fixed, liftable or steering axles, depending on application

Cinque Terre

Design and Aerodynamics

Form embraces function

Designed to reduce air resistance, the cab of the STRALIS incorporates exterior design features that add even more character to its unmistakable style.

The lines of the STRALIS cab have been designed to achieve an excellent drag coefficient – one of the factors with the highest impact on energy-efficiency (at 85km/h, 40% of a vehicle’s consumption goes on overcoming air resistance).

By improving the Cd by 3%, we’ve reduced noise levels in the cab, and allowed significant fuel savings on long-haul jobs.​ ​

The front features a new central grille, redesigned bumper cladding, optimised bumper design and light clusters equipped with LED Daytime Running Lights and Xenon headlights.

The new STRALIS also features a large space in the most visible area, immediately below the windscreen, so that you can insert your company name.

The lines of the new STRALIS cab have been designed to achieve an excellent drag coefficient – one of the factors with the highest impact on energy-efficiency (at 85 km/h, 40% of a vehicle’s fuel consumption goes on overcoming air resistance). By improving the Cd by 3% we’ve reduced noise levels in the cab, and allowed significant fuel savings on long-haul jobs.

Cinque Terre

Comfort and Ergonomics

Driver-centered cab.

The cab of the STRALIS is designed around the driver. Class-leading ergonomics, comfort, safety and infotainment combine to guarantee an excellent working environment, which maximizes productivity in all missions.

The new range offers a choice of three cabs:

– HI-WAY for long-haul missions

– HI-ROAD for medium-haul missions

– HI-STREET for urban missions

Cinque Terre


Low fuel consumption, high reliability.

The STRALIS uses CURSOR engines with in-line 6-cylinder architecture, high-pressure injectors and variable-geometry turbocharger.

The STRALIS range is available with:

– 3 displacement variants (8, 10 and 13 litres)

– 6 power variants (350 to 500 HP), with maximum torque of up to 2,300 Nm.

The CURSOR engines deliver maximum torque from low engine speeds, which remains constant over a wide operating range.

The high degree of flexibility ensures a high level of driver comfort, excellent performance and low fuel consumption thanks to the need for fewer gear changes.

The engines not only meet Euro III standards, but also the most stringent requirements of the EEV (Enhanced Environmentally-Friendly Vehicles) voluntary environmental standard.

As well as meeting these limits, the SCR technology (Selective Catalytic Reduction using AdBlue additive) adopted by Iveco on the Stralis Euro5 500Hp across its entire medium/heavy also contributes to reducing running costs (with 5% lower fuel consumption). The system is lightweight and low-maintenance, and offers enhanced reliability. Unlike EGR, SCR does not involve gas recirculation in the combustion chamber.

Iveco power-plants can be combined with 16-speed manual gearboxes (the latter with servo-shift) or 12-speed EUROTRONIC automated gearboxes with the gear lever built into the dashboard.

All the CURSOR engines are equipped with the Iveco Turbo Brake decompression engine braking system, fully integrated with the main and auxiliary braking systems (Intarder). This means that the STRALIS braking systems offer maximum safety combined with low running costs.

Cinque Terre


A safe, efficient braking system.

The driver of the STRALIS model can count on a reliable, efficient braking system. The entire range (except for hub reduction rear axle models) is fitted with disc brakes and the EBS system now includes a Brake Assistant function.

The advanced safety systems are essentials for protecting the driver, the vehicle and the load. The STRALIS ensures safe driving and makes work more relaxing and productive.

The STRALIS range offers all the most advanced technological solutions for active safety:

– Electronic Brake System (EBS) with the new Brake Assistant System (BAS).

– ESP (available on the full range of 4×2 tractors). 

– Hill Holder for facilitating hill starts. 

– Adaptive Cruise Control. 

– Lane Departure Warning System.

– Xenon headlights. (Optional)

– Daytime Running Lights (DRL). 

Cinque Terre


A comprehensive transport solution.

With the STRALIS, you can have all the assistance you need, thanks to the vast range of services tailored to your requirements, and Iveco’s extensive geographical coverage. Your new vehicle shows total flexibility even at times of need, and will keep you going mile after mile, with absolute professionalism.

ELEMENTS Assistance services tailored to suit every mission.

Iveco formulated ELEMENTS with one goal in mind: to provide every customer with service tailored to their needs. A wide range of service programs, devised to keep your vehicle in perfect shape at all times.

ELEMENTS offers specialized, high-quality services designed to give STRALIS vehicles low running costs, long life and long-term value.

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