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Iveco Daily Van

Cinque Terre

Strong by Nature

Your all-new DAILY:

Strong by nature, class-leading productivity, comfort and car-like ease of handling. New architecture optimizes vehicle volumes. New wheelbases improve dynamic handling. New suspensions enhance performance and solid build.

A business oriented vehicle that features larger volumes, a more accessible loading platform and lowers fuel consumption. The new DAILY has been completely redesigned to meet every need of medium commercial transport, a new concept, a new vehicle, a new generation of Daily vehicles.

Cinque Terre

The New Architecture

The new DAILY is the perfect van in every way: a totally redesigned vehicle, superb balance on the road, extremely easy to drive and with the best load volumes in its class. 80% of the bodywork components have been redesigned, while the chassis based framework – the core of the DAILY’s robustness and durability – has been maintained.

The capacity has been optimized, with the perfect balance between redesigned wheelbases, total length and load compartment length In this way an entirely new range of load capacities has been developed, from just over 9 to almost 20m3. The new 18 and 19.6 m3 models are the best in their class in terms of available volume. The new 10.8 m3 version is the best in terms of load efficiency (i.e. relationship between load platform length and total length.)

Cinque Terre


The new DAILY is the toughest of medium commercial vehicles, with the most enduring performance. Its strength is based on its chassis. The chassis is made from a C-section ladder frame similar to that employed on trucks. This is unique to the Daily van; its competitors are built using the uni-body construction that is typical of cars. Consequently, the DAILY is the only panel van with gross vehicle weights of up to 7 t and payloads of up to 4200 kg. The maximum front and rear axle loads too are top-ranked in their class.

The new DAILY chassis cab is the most popular base among body builders: it is the toughest and the easiest to transform. In the single cab, crew cab and chassis cowl versions, with single or twin wheels, it can be equipped as a box van, tipper, panel van, camper, minibus, vehicle recovery truck, crane truck, overhead platform and for many other special uses. Its strength means that no job is too great.

Cinque Terre


The design of the new DAILY also expresses its exclusive personality.

Unique in its class for technical features and performance, it is as attractive as a car but proudly shows off its identity as a transport professional.

It is a completely new vehicle: 80% of VAN bodywork components have been redesigned, while the ladder frame chassis – the core of the DAILY’s robustness and durability, has been maintained.

The front is a blend of different modules: the windscreen plane, framed by a continuous line, extends into the side windows to join the headlight-grille line at the mirrors. The rounded hood, generously proportioned for easy engine access, is positioned between the two modules. Lower down, the bumpers broaden out towards the robust wheel arch to accentuate road holding with a markedly horizontal motif. The new DAILY’s shape is closely linked to its function. The headlights are positioned high up and set back to avoid damage from minor knocks. The increased windshield area makes the cab more luminous and improves vertical vision. The new cab design also improves the vehicle’s aerodynamics.

The new DAILY has an ergonomic new dashboard and numerous compartments easily reachable from the driving seat (five closable compartments, three DIN compartments and three cup holders, plus purpose-designed holders for frequently used items such as phones and tablets).

Cinque Terre


With two distinct architectures, with different wheelbases for vans and chassis cabs, the new Daily is the most versatile vehicle in its class.

The new range includes chassis cabs, crew cabs, chassis cowls, vans, semi-windowed vans, and minibusses. The chassis cab gross vehicle weight ranges from 3.5 to 7 t, with wheelbases from 3000 to 4750 mm and body lengths up to 6190 mm. The new single wheel 4100 mm wheelbase version maintains all the distinctive qualities of the DAILY but with even better driveability.

The gross vehicle weight of the van ranges from 3.5 to 7 t, with load capacities from 9 to 19.6 m3. The van is available in three heights: 1545, 1900 and 2100 mm, making it possible for a tall person to stand up and move about in the load compartment.

The vehicle length varies from 5560 to 7500 mm and the wheelbase from 3000 to 4100 mm.

Cinque Terre


The new DAILY is much more than a vehicle: it is a complete transport solution providing a perfect integration between product and services. The IVECO network stands out for its extensiveness and competence, and IVECO repair centers provide the manufacturer’s quality combined with the skill of technicians who know the new DAILY like nobody else does. Dedicated diagnosis and repair equipment guarantee effectiveness and rapidity and also allow remote operations.

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